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Boca Raton Airport Hangars

The Boca Aircraft Owners facility consists of 76 individual hangars and 14 storage units (1/2 hangars) in 8 steel buildings located at the north end of the Boca Raton Airport (BCT). BAO has been owned and operated since 1983 by a group of local owner/pilots that developed the facility with the needs of aircraft owners in mind. The facility has been recently restored and modernized as a result of hurricane Wilma passing through in 2005.

    On the air side, the hangars have direct access to the main taxiway and 6276 x 150 foot main runway and, on the ground side, access to the airport and public road system via a dedicated card controlled gate.

    All hangars are individually equipped with power and lighting and with water via common hose bibs. The entire facility is within the perimeter of the new state of the art security system of Boca Raton Airport. This system includes computer controlled access and electronic surveillance as well as 24 hour security guards.

The Boca Raton Airport is conveniently located in the middle of Boca Raton with immediate access to I-95 and only 2 miles from downtown. Over the past 10 years it has undergone $10 million in improvements, including the activation of a control tower in October 2000. The airport features a 150-by-6,276-foot lighted and grooved asphalt runway with a 6,000-foot parallel taxi way and two full service FBO's offering Jet A and 100LL (Air BP and Exxon). A full service FAA approved maintenance facility is located adjacent to the BAO hangars.